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One Week To Make

1. People vote on projects, or add their own project ideas.

2. When voting ends, the project with the most votes is the winner.

3. I have one week to build the winning project.

Who made this site?

That's me! I'm Pooria, nice to meet you :)

Why are you doing this?

I'm always itching to make something, but I never really know if anyone wants it.

This project is about making something people want.

But what can you actually do?

I can code web applications. I can design. I can draw a bit... write a bit... cook?

I don't know that's a big question isn't it!?

Isn't a week too short to complete a project?

I guess it depends on the project, but yeah. I'm going to be working on it like crazy.

What if it's too big to be done in one week?

I'll get something rough done, and I'll still launch it at the 1 week deadline - promise.

How does the voting and scoring work?

Every project starts with a score of 0. Pressing adds 1 to a project's score. Pressing subtracts 1 from the score.

The project with the highest score at the end of the countdown wins!

How can I support this project?

Thank you! A vote on product hunt would help more people find it ❤️

One Week To Make - I will build the top crowdsourced project idea in 1 week. | Product Hunt